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About PDCS

The basic idea: rotating teachers on a weekly basis, teaching contemporary dance forms!

Classes are at different spaces around Philly, and run Wednesday nights

7-8:30PM and Saturday afternoons



Stay in the loop

For Teachers

Anyone can sign up to teach on a first come first serve basis.


How much do classes cost?

Each teacher decides what they want to charge for their class.

Do I have to register for class?

Nope, just show up!

What level of experience are classes for?

That depends on the class. Teachers will generally clarify this in their class description.

Can I teach more than once?

Yes! You can teach as often as you want, keeping in mind that there are probably other community members who want to teach as well.

How does it work with $$?

Here's the dealio. Right now students pay me (Katherine) for class, I reimburse myself for the cost of the space, and the teacher gets the remainder of the money. 

Starting July 19th 2023, its going to be a bit different, and here's how it will work: If a teacher makes $20 or more after I reimburse myself for the studio space, the teacher would keep 70% and I would keep 30%. If the teacher makes less than $20 they would keep 100% of the profit. 


Here’s what that looks like with real numbers. Let’s say someone teaches class and students pay $70 total. I would reimburse myself for the studio space, let’s say that is $30. There’s $40 leftover. The teacher would keep $28, I would get $12.


Although this may seem like splitting hairs, or doing a lot of math for a minimal amount of money, it would help me keep the program sustainable in the long run.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

DM us on instagram @philly_dance_class_share or email Katherine Desimine at kadesimine [at]

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