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About paying what you can, and how to determine how much you should pay for class*

*I am drawing heavily from this info page on Tufas Boulder Lounge's website about pay what you can pricing. 

Why pay what you can?

I want anyone who wants to take class with me to be able to. Money should never be an obstacle to artistic practice. At the same time, I want to consider my own time and expertise, and pay myself for the work of preparing for and teaching class- and by doing so, encourage other artists to also recognize the value of their own time! (The days of artists working for free are so over!)


Pay what you can allows for all these things to happen. (This is a very brief and simple description of this concept. If you're interested in learning more, please read more about it here, scroll down to 'Why sliding scale?'

And since we love transparency here lets talk about-- what your payment goes towards

I am paying a rental rate for the studio in which we have class. I rent the studio for 2 hours (30 mins extra so people can come early and warm up) at $20 an hour. This comes out to $40 a class. Any extra money after paying the rental fee goes toward paying myself, as stated above. If I make less than the rental fee I pay for it out of my own pocket.

So how much I should pay?

Again, drawing heavily from the way Tufas Boulder Lounge lays this out on their website, I've created a little graphic to help you figure out how much you should pay. I would recommend regularly checking in with how much you're paying for class, as our financial situations are always changing (especially as artists and during a pandemmy.)

And please keep in mind that the graphic below is meant to be helpful, but is not set in stone. There's a lot of nuance to all this. In the end do what you know if best for your financial situation!

I have steady work.

I am debt free.

$0 - $7

$8 - $14

I am able to meet my basic needs most of the time, but its often stressful.

I am able to meet my basic needs most of the time without stress.

I am a free-lance or gig worker.

I have some steady work and also do gig work.

I make under $18,000 a year.

I make between $18,000-$45,000 a year.


I am always able to meet my basic needs without stress.

I make above $45,000 a year.

I am currently in school that I'm paying tuition for, and/or paying back student loans or other loans.

I have children and/or other dependents

I am single and/or have no dependents.

(View this page on a desktop computer in order to view the graphic.)

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