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folded in synchronicity

Collaborators and Performers: Katherine Desimine and Sydney Donovan

Music: Assorted Artists, including Queen, Coco Rosie, Nena, & Edith Piaf 

Process: June-August 2019

Description: "Sit in the lull of habit. You’ve seen it but you haven’t. You’ve done it but you haven’t. A habit bank for the playful and mundane. a slight obscuration of the lower atmosphere typically caused by fine suspended particles, descending freely by the force of gravity. Bodies showing up, tending to emotional bonds separately in the same space. Lots of parts striving and failing for cohesiveness. A container for self indulgence, a mosaic map of must haves. Folding into habit and folding into each other."

Performance documentation:

August 2019, presented at KYL/D's InHale Performance Series, Philadelphia PA

Approximately 5 minutes

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