Dance/sing (working title)





Collaborators: Rodney Murray, Tori Breen, Lilly McGonigle, Maddy Mikami, and Katherine Desimine AKA Darling Performance Group

Currently in process, premiering in September 2022 at Cannonball Festival, Philly


We are a collective of artists interested in both dancing and singing. Dancing and singing together and apart, simultaneously and separately. Ideas have come up about:
-what it means to create the music for our own piece, making us a self-contained, self-sufficient unit
-use of singing and voice not as an add on to the dance, but an integral part of the work
-serenading and being serenaded as a practice.

We are still very much in the playing and learning stage of this work. We’re curious about what we can learn by putting these two mediums together. A deeply explorative process, the end result is still largely unshaped. But, we’re excited about the performative possibilities this work holds.

See the work:

Fresh Juice

June 18th 8PM at 2223 FISH (Philly)

Tickets here.

Cannonball Festival

September at the MAAS Building (Philly), dates TBA

Ticket link TBA

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