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David Dorfman Dance- Aroundtown


• live music (onstage)

• partnering

• They’re not acting, in their faces. They’re not pretending to be in any relationship to each other other than what they are. 

• They’re seeing each other and the space and feeling what they’re doing and it makes it feel very visceral to watch. 

• Abstract, unlanguagable, complex relationships THROUGH the MOVEMENT (the style, tone, tenor, relationship, synchronicity) NOT THEATRICS

BOAT- Gallim/Andrea Miller

• precariousness of structure

Ways of Seeing by John Berger

(Book and Mini series)

"The reciprocal nature of vision is more fundamental than that of spoken dialogue."

" them all there remains the implication that the subject (a woman) is aware of being seen by a spectator."

"When we 'see' a landscape, we situate ourselves in it. If we 'saw' the art of the past, we would situate ourselves in history."

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The Handmaid's Tale

• blocking of vision, speech and communication/relationships of women as a mode of control, oppression


Social Justice/ Politics/


• taking "small" "no big deal" "everyday" things and putting them into context, showing why they matter on a larger scale

Six Memos for the Next Millenium by Italo Calvino

Chapter 4: Visibility

"A film is therefore the result of a series of stages, physical and nonphysical, through which the images take shape." (102)

"This 'mental cinema' is always at work in all of us- and always has been, even before the invention of the cinema- and it never stops projecting images to our inner sight." (102) 

"the unbridgeable chasm between linguistic expression and sensor experience, about the slipperiness of the visual imagination." (118)

Singing with Others, a cappella

The Smith College Noteables

•awareness of others (blending)

•harmonies- precariousness

•community building, seeing, hearing, listening


Caen Amour

Trajal Harrell

Backstage as Stage

Private as Public


The contradiction of a private performative space, a vulnerable performative space.

Or, is what they did, my very definition of vulnerability? Doing what you might be afraid to do (let go, be a real human being, be "natural") in front of others. 

Simultanety of opposites,  creating contradiction, tension, room for questions


Approaching the Political:

I'm not interested in wallowing in the potential negativity of what we're looking at. Looking at it through a humorous/uplifting lens, but still being very critical about it. 

Penny Arcade

(over the top, to the point, a little abrasive, humorous without ignoring/eliminating emotion)










(satirical, humorous, making the un-laughable, laughable)

Symone Holliday's

Senior Thesis

looking at gender roles, looking at the humor in stereotypes, expectations, etc. 

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